Hi! I’m Rose 

I have been baking for family and friends for over 40 years & I recently took on the challenge of writing a book.
That challenge not only gave me the encouragement and experience of writing a book it opened up my world of baking, again!

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Once we retired I went through the process of getting my kitchen commercially licensed which allows me to sell online to friends back in PA but also to local businesses & customers locally here in Floyd, Virginia.

Did you know that:

  • I baked for the farmers market and moved on to pie fundraisers for our kid’s school!
  • My new guidebook gives you the steps to earn a little extra $ for Christmas!
  • When we moved to Virginia the sheep came along too! We have a flock of 25 purebred Scottish Blackface
  • We are planning to get back into raising bees!
  • I love discovering old family recipes
  • I ran (some walking) 2 half marathons with my daughter & secretly would love to do another one!!
  • Enjoy our garden!
  • I actually challenged myself to start a blog when we retired and moved here to Virginia! I would love to have you sign up and enjoy reading about all of our projects!
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