Due to Holiday Cookie Orders and Classes I will not be doing any “Custom Cookie Orders”~ October through January

  1. Where is your Cookie Shop located?

  2. My cookie shop is located out of my home near the town of Floyd, Virginia. My kitchen is a commercially licensed kitchen through the Virginia Health Department. By having my commercial license I am able to ship cookies anywhere in the U.S as well as provide cookies locally to businesses.

  3. What Kind of Cookies do you Bake?

  4. I can bake most of your favorites from chocolate chip to oatmeal. I can also provide you with decorative sugar cookies

  5. How much notice do you need for an order?

  6. As much as I would love to offer cookies anytime to my customers to ensure freshness and that I have ingredients available I need 2 weeks’ notice for any order. 

  7. Do you bake large quantities for weddings etc?

  8. I would love to provide cookies for your weddings or family get-togethers. I would need 4 weeks to provide you with your cookies.

  9. Do you have a minimum order?

  10. Depending on the type of cookie you order I do have minimum orders. My variety cookie tray provides you with 3 dozen cookies, which any number of trays can be ordered.  Decorative sugar cookies are much more labor-intensive so I do have a minimum of 2 dozen.

  11. What are your prices?

  12. Pricing is different depending on what you order. By filling out the form I have provided I can answer any questions about pricing. As all of you know the price of ingredients has increased over the last year so I am unable to quote a specific price for your cookies until I receive your form.

  13. Do you require a deposit?

  14. Once your order is confirmed with an email from me that I am available on your specific date to bake up your cookies I do require 50% upfront and the balance paid when delivery is determined. 

  15. How can I pay you?

  16. If you are local to Floyd I can easily accept cash as payment. If you are ordering online I do accept Paypal/Venmo or Credit card

  17. Are you on FB or Instagram?

  18. Yes, I do have a FB business page as well as Instagram! I would love to have you tag me and post your cookies! I love seeing people enjoying my treats!

Chocolate Chip cookies
Cookie tester
My official cookie tester!!